Stuart Howe & Bob Nigel

A Message from
Stuart & Bob


As we look back on 2017-18 at Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, we see a year of strength, change and community.

In the midst of powerful social and political discourse in our province and around the world, we continued to speak out about injustice and fight for an inclusive and equitable Ontario, our mandate since 1945. History demonstrates that social change arises when under-represented and marginalized people unite together – despite their individual differences – to be seen, heard and counted as others already are.

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This same spirit of social unity and collective change pervades Spinal Cord Injury Ontario. As an organization, we are as effective, engaged and relevant as our community makes us. We are composed of and belong to Ontarians with a spinal cord injury, as well as our volunteers, advocates, donors, staff and all those who work to advance the fair and equitable standing of those with a disability. The more active our community, the greater our power and louder our voice. Take a look at the many important outcomes of that work in this Report.

SCIO exists to enable our community to achieve its goals. Only together can we address those urgent objectives we share, such as resolving service gaps, increasing resources, changing laws, informing research, increasing funding and campaigning for greater accessibility. How do we do this? In short, through sweat equity and financial backing. With flat funding from the government, SCIO relies on you – every member of our community – for the engagement, donations, volunteer hours, advocacy, staff expertise and continual improvement we need to, together, make the greatest impact possible.

Since our founding, we have achieved dramatic change. Going forward, there is considerable work to be done to improve the quality of life of those living with a spinal cord injury and we believe we are up to the task. Our strategic priorities – Expand Our Impact Across Ontario, Share Knowledge and Amplify Our Community’s Voice – have begun to take shape and we thank you for supporting these vital goals this past year. You are the bedrock of this organization and we appreciate your commitment to creating an even stronger SCIO and a more equitable and accessible Ontario.

Bob Nigol                               Dr. Stuart Howe
Chair of the Board              CEO

Year in Review

Together as a community, we help people living with a spinal cord injury increase their independence and quality of life by improving accessibility, service, resources, partnerships, education, advocacy and more. With our three strategic priorities as our guide, here are some of the ways we moved forward in the past year.



Improve our reach and create powerful relationships
  • Province-wide study undertaken to better understand the needs of our clients and community partners and identify and resolve service gaps
  • More efficient, timely and centralized online client intake process across the province with dedicated staff
  • Pilot project begun for the delivery of service via an app – VIP4SCI – to assist clients in managing their health care with their health care team
  • New comprehensive fundraising and marketing initiatives and volunteer management program to strengthen and extend the reach of SCIO


Build our brand, exchange information and connect people with research
  • Participation in a Canada-wide consultation process through live and online sessions to inform a new Federal Accessibility Act
  • New website launched to improve access to information, efficiency in operations and better community engagement
  • More streamlined process to connect our community to research requests and be involved in the design and planning stages


Expand our advocacy, strengthen partnerships and promote equitable services
  • Doubled the number of peer activists to engage with MPPs and political candidates to ensure SCIO’s key policy messages are heard
  • Secured renewal resources and recruited 53 new members for the SCI Ontario Alliance and acquired new funding with ONF for Pathways of Care
  • Initiated three campaigns for equitable service and improved access in Primary Care, Mobility Devices and Medical Devices – promoted them through Your Move, Ontario campaign.
Talk About Impact


Clients Served
Volunteer Hours
Ontario Service Locations
Attendant Hours for 135 Clients
Peer Connection Events
Peer Support Partnerships
Philanthropic Donors
Job Placements


Every member of our community deserves an award for their valuable support and contributions! Here, we honour four outstanding contributors who are changing the landscape, our community volunteers at the core of our services, and our long-serving members of staff.

Anita Kaiser
ANITA KAISER  – Activist of the Year

Research Assistant at Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre, Anita Kaiser tirelessly champions fair and equitable services and supports for all Ontarians. Her bold and audacious attitude has made a significant impact on SCIO’s public policy accomplishments and on addressing systemic barriers to full community participation. She has been active in three SCIO campaigns (Primary Care, Alliance Retreat Community Mobilization, Provincial Election) and part of our government relations team. She is currently leading SCIO’s Quality Improvement Committee, is on our Board of Directors, and is a member of the Ontario SCI Alliance.  As a trained researcher with an MSc in Rehabilitation Science from U of T, Anita also advocates for engagement of people with lived experience in SCI throughout research as a best practice. A powerful activist who amplifies our community’s voice, Anita is a worthy recipient of this award.

Apple Canada
APPLE CANADA: Employer of the Year

Apple has partnered with SCIO for two extremely successful hiring events which included 20 of our clients. One client explains, “Both Apple and I didn’t know how it would work. Nothing was impossible; it was about how to make it happen.” He was continuously asked by Apple management, “How can we make this a better experience?” Another client shared, “I am very blessed and no one can understand how happy Apple has made me and my family.” Apple embraces diversity and takes pride in ensuring its workforce reflects this. Our Employment Services recognizes Apple’s approach as the gold standard in successfully accommodating employees with a disability. We are thrilled to acknowledge Apple Canada as our Employer of the Year!

Tom Scanlan
TOM SCANLON – Vigmond Philanthropy Award

A donor for 27 years, a former board member and an event volunteer since 2001, Tom is personally committed to SCIO’s mission and financial health. He was recognized in 2006 with the Bill Adair Award, has been a member of the Ski Day Committee since 2001, and in 2018 as its Co-Chair helped secure $13,900 in sponsorship. The 2018 Ski Day event was our most successful to date, with Tom’s strategies, enthusiasm, recruiting and careful mentoring of new committee members. Over the years, Tom has encouraged giving and volunteering in others while he and his wife Bonnie have also made individual and company donations. Tom embodies philanthropy in his spirit and actions and is exceptionally deserving of this award.

Clarita Mendigoria Watson

This award was created to recognize a SCIO attendant for outstanding contribution to our Attendant Services program, our clients and fellow employees. The recipient is nominated by attendant peers for performance that exemplifies and demonstrates commitment to our mission and vision. Congratulations to our 2017-18 recipient, Clarita Mendigoria-Watson.

Clarita has made a significant contribution to SCIO in her four years. Her commitment and dedication to Attendant Services and her professional ethics are qualities that are frequently acknowledged by the clients she supports.

Clarita is keen on supporting and transitioning new clients to Attendant Services by keeping in line with the philosophy of client-centered service. She is proactive in educating clients in understanding their rights and directing them to the Supervisory Team to ensure their best interests are being met. Congratulations and thank you, Clarita!

Community Awards


Peer Volunteer of the Year Award
Sheri Roberts

Health Care Professional of the Year Award
Winnie Tam

Family Volunteer of the Year Award
Kristy Luker


Health Care Professional of the Year Award
Laura Vincent

Volunteer of the Year Award
Nicole Cromwell


Peer Volunteer of the Year Award
Alec Denys

Health Care Professional of the Year Award
Sandra Mills

Staff Recognition Awards


John Agnew, Regional Services Co-ordinator
Arie Kojokaro, Controller
Andrea Campbell, Attendant
Joan Gayle, Attendant
Donald Ifil, Attendant
Marcia Smikle, Attendant
Veronica McFarlane, Attendant

Photo: l-r Sheila Casemore, Donald Ifil, Raki Gill, Joan Gayle, Stuart Howe, Arie Kojokaro


Declita Brown, Attendant
Vera Harris, Senior Manager
Theresa Power, Attendant

Photo: l-r Theresa Power, Stuart Howe, Vera Harris


It all starts with a decision to act. People come to know Spinal Cord Injury Ontario in a host of ways and, before long, see the deep impact our work has on the lives of people living with a spinal cord injury, their families and the wider community. The more value we bring and the greater impact we have, the more people and organizations are moved to act: a person chooses to donate, a business sponsors an event, a family fundraises together, a company matches employee gifts, a foundation funds a program. In all the ways they take action, our supporters show great heart. And they make us proud.

Martin Short, Jake Thomas and Dave Thomas

On July 18, 2017 The Second City Toronto hosted an all-star benefit show to raise money for Jake Thomas and Spinal Cord Injury Ontario.

Jake, son of musician Ian Thomas and nephew of comedian Dave Thomas, sustained a spinal cord injury as a result of a snowmobile crash. His uncle, Dave, and fellow Second City alumni Martin Short hatched the plan to organise a star-studded reunion of comedy duo Bob and Doug McKenzie accompanied by SCTV favourites Catharine O’hara, Eugene Levy, Dan Aykroyd and a special guest appearance from Geddy Lee.

The event raised over $43,000 for Spinal Cord Injury Ontario!

A group of SCIO athletes at the finish line

On October 22, approximately 30 Spinal Cord Injury Ontario staff and supporters participated in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Although the majority of participants ran the 5K some ambitious individuals chose to run the half or full marathon. Together we raised over $21,000 for Spinal Cord Injury Ontario.

Everyone was enthusiastic and enjoyed the atmosphere and energy of the event. While more seasoned runners also relished the opportunity to challenge themselves to improve on their best times.


In March 2018, teams in both London and Kitchener hosted Roll & Bowl events. These fun, accessible and active events saw the two communities bringing people together and were a great testament to the strong spirit and dedication of our supporters. The team in London raised an outstanding $22,530 and in Kitchener they raised over $5,500 (a 91% increase on the year before!)


“If someone gets hurt they feel sad. I wanted to make people feel good and by raising money for the charity I could help people like Grandpa.”

Seven-year-old Jude was so inspired by his Grandpa Ron (who sustained a spinal cord injury four years ago), he decided to hand make and sell festive decorations to raise money for us. His hard work got noticed – with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and MP for Oakville North-Burlington Pam Damoff saying they were really impressed with everything he had achieved.

Shaun Westlake, SCIO Board Member

“The biggest disadvantage to someone with SCI is access to information, if you’re not in a large city. When you have an SCI, you have so many questions. Prior to my spinal cord injury I had a vision of where I saw myself in 20 years, and after the injury this path changed instantly and completely. SCIO helped guide me on my new path.

Now I have been a donor for years, and I give monthly because it was easy for me to set it up and forget it. Recently, however,  I made the decision to leave a donation in my will. It’s an opportunity for me to make a significant contribution from my estate after I pass. It’s like me saying thank you one last time for what all SCIO has done for me over the year in terms of making me a better person.”

Mark Grice & Helen Bond

Artist Mark Grice from Alton, Ontario, was one of many vendors who donated time, goods or services to help make our 18th annual Ski and Snowboard Day such a success. Volunteers and other community organizations were on hand to introduce sit skiing to first-timers, many of whom had recently sustained a spinal cord injury. Helen Bond is a CADS (Canadian Adaptive Snowsports) volunteer and was the highest bidder for Mark’s painting of Max Parrot, silver medalist snowboarder at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. She was thrilled to take home a unique piece of art created right before our eyes. We are grateful to our community for their generous support of our events and initiatives throughout the year.

Insurance Bureau of Canada


“We are very proud to be the lead Premier Partner of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and support their tireless efforts to revolutionize spinal cord injury care from 1945 till today. Whether through financial contributions from employees or supporting events like Comedy Night, we see the value in promoting SCIO in the communities we serve because we see the impact this support has on our clients.”

Kim Donaldson, IBC Vice-President, Ontario Region

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has been supporting SCIO since the 1980s. Established in 1964, IBC is the national industry association representing Canada’s private home, auto and business insurers.


Hollister Ltd.

“Coloplast strives to better understand the challenges faced by our consumers, and works to make a difference in their everyday lives. Through our partnership with SCIO, we are able to touch the lives of hundreds of consumers and their family members. We are proud of our partnership with SCIO, as it brings us closer to our consumers, and amplifies our ability to create lasting change. As a corporate donor, we get to see our donation’s vital impact.”
– Melanie Lecours, General Manager, Coloplast Canada

Coloplast’s mission is to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs. Coloplast Canada have partnered with SCIO since the early 2000s. They have supported special events and educational programing in London, Winsor, Barrie, Hamilton, Toronto and Ottawa. Support has also been through donations, sponsorship and as a Preferred Medical Supply Partner for SCIO’s new Bowel & Bladder program.


“We recently became a Preferred Medical Supply Partner with SCIO on their new Bowel & Bladder program. With over 80 Peer Connections meeting across the province annually, we could count on SCIO’s Peer Support Co-ordinators to facilitate learnings and give valuable lived experienced to those starting their journey to independence and recovery from a spinal cord injury. You could see immediately that the rehabilitation hospital clients trusted (Peer Support Co-ordinator) Ivan’s experience when he shared his personal story. We are proud to support the partnership and events throughout the province.”  
 – Carole Robinson, President, Hollister Ltd.

Hollister Ltd. is built on the underlying principles of Dignity of the Person, Integrity, Service, and Stewardship. Its mission is “to help healthcare professionals deliver better products and services, and to make life more rewarding and dignified for those who use our products.”

SCIO Director of Resource Development Ari Wahl with staff from Coloplast (photo at left) and CEO Dr. Stuart Howe with staff from Hollister at a recent Bowel & Bladder Peer Connections event, where both vendors showed off their latest products to clients.

Thanks to corporate partner Bard BD
for their sponsorship of the Bowel & Bladder section
of our website


Efficiency and accountability are paramount. We have a strong legacy behind us and uphold our founder’s visionary spirit by keeping SCIO strong and sustainable.

How funds were raised


Government Support   80.3%
Donations & Other Public Support  19.1%
Fees for Service 0.4% 
Other 0.2%

How funds were spent


Programs and Services  82.7%
Administration  9.6%
Resource Development (Direct & Indirect) 7.4% 
Other 0.3%

Our Philanthropic Donors


$50,000 – $99,999
Insurance Bureau of Canada
$15,000 – $24,999
Provincial Building &  Construction Trades Council of Ontario
$10,000 – $14,999
Bard Canada Inc
Bruce Power
Coloplast Canada Corporation
Hollister Limited
In The End Inc.
Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)
The Morris Law Group
Wynperle Law
$5,000 – $9,999
Barrick Gold Corporation
Central Ontario Building Trades Council – Toronto
E.S. Fox Limited
Homan Hogan Charity Spiel
Lerners Lawyers LLP – London
Maintenance & Construction Skilled Trades Council
Wright & Associates
Rehabilitation Inc
$1,000 – $4,999
2M Power
ASI Group Ltd
Aviva Canada Inc
Black & McDonald Limited
Bruce Wilson Landscaping Ltd
BWX Technologies
Dom-Meridian Construction
Earth Boring Co. Ltd
Electrical Power Systems Construction Association
FR Conversions Inc
Gerd Hermanns Landscape Contractor Inc
$1,000 – $4,999 (continued)
Douglas & Ruth Grant
Hamilton Construction Ltd
Humberview Mobility
IBEW Construction Council of Ontario
Infrastructure Health and
Safety Association
International Association of Heat and Frost
Insulators and Allied Workers Local 95
International Association of Iron Workers Local 721
International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 50
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 793
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
Iron Workers District Council of Ontario
Kettleby Contracting
Kinectrics Inc
Koskie Minsky LLP
Labourers’ International Union of North America
LiUNA! Local 183
Manulife Financial
McKellar Structured Settlements Inc
McLeish Orlando LLP
Mechanical Contractors Association Ontario
Mr. Frank Mongillo
Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee
Motion Specialties
Ontario Sheet Metal Workers & Roofers Conference
Quality Control Council of Canada (Central/Atlantic)
Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited
Rogers Communications Canada Inc
Royal LePage New Concept
Sheet Metal Workers International Union Local 285
Silver Cross Automotive – Brampton
Silver Cross Automotive – Toronto
Teamsters Construction Council of Ontario
The MBTW Group
Tribute Development Ltd
Triplecrete Limited
Uber Canada Inc
Universal Motion
Western Mechanical
Will Davidson LLP
Workers Health & Safety Centre
Yorkwood Homes
$500 – $999
39 Seven Inc.
Ambler & Co. Inc
Armtec Limited
Atlas Dewatering Corporation
Burn Tucker Lachaîne LLP
Coco Paving Inc
Compact Constructors Ltd
CRH Canada Group Inc
Deutschmann & Associates Professional Corporation
Dicrete Construction Ltd
DMA Rehability Occupational Therapy Inc
Emco Corporation
Hard Rock Sewers & Watermain Ltd
Harrison Pensa LLP
Ipex Inc.
KI Mobility LLC
Lancorp Construction Co. Ltd
Mobility in Motion
Network Reporting & Mediation
Rehability Occupational Therapy Inc
Roma Fuels Limited
Terrafix Geosynthetics Inc
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc
UCC Group Inc
Wheelchair in Motion Ltd
$250 – $499
Casemark Financial Inc
Davis Martindale – London
Foster, Townsend, Graham & Associates LLP – London Office
Marcus & Associates, Hoare Dalton
McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP
Moving Forward Rehabilitation & Wellness Center
Pursuit Health Management Inc
Stride Rehabilitation Services Inc
Siskinds LLP


$100,000 -$249,000
Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation
Michael Budman
Clarendon Foundation (Cheshire Homes) Inc
Federated Health Charities Corporation
Ralota Technologies Corp
Community Foundation of Ottawa
Thunder Bay Community Foundation
Robert Jakobsen
Jefferson Mappin
Bruce Power
Grey Bruce Paraplegic Association
Hollister Limited
Lakeshore Rehabilitation Centre
The Second City Canada Inc
George Cooke
Mark Lamoureux
Sandra Nymark
F.K. Morrow Foundation
Forest Hill Lions Club – Bing Account
Henderson Structured Settlements LP
Lac Mac Limited
Leslie Craig Brown Law Professional Corporation
Oatley Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers LLP
OT Consult Ergo
The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation
Stephan Argent
Joanne Beaton
Carlo Calcagni
Ronda Creasor
Sarah Hicks
Claire L Hopkins
Stuart Howe
Spiro Karacorovski
Diane Morrell
Jerome Morse
Robert Nigol
Dana Parsons
Madelyn Scanlan
Cindy Scott
David Shiewitz
Eli Turkienicz
Black, Sutherland LLP
Coloplast Canada Corporation
Feifel – Broadbent – Gualazzi Personal Inury Law Firm
Ivey Honors Business Admin Association In Trust
Kelsey’s Restaurant (Orillia) Ltd
$1,000-$2,400 (continued)
Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers
Pride Mobility
Silver Cross Automotive
The Rotary Club Of West Ottawa
Eileen Adams
Rick Adams
Agnes Agnelli
Susan Amadio
Peter Athanasopoulos
Bill Bannerman
Paul Britton
Sandra Carpenter
Sheila Casemore
Michelle Chanderpaul
Doris Coleman
Peter Denesi
Dawn Dorey
Michael Dorey
Kathryn Hopson
Scott Koch
Nancy Milligan
Stacey Moore
Miss Ella Margaret Potton
Basmatee-Eunice Ragobeer
Barbara Ritchie
Emily Schmidt
Barbara Shillington
Bianca Smalley
Peter Van Roon
Shaun Westlake
Tim Willett
Luke Willson
Brian Wright
CHUM Charitable Foundation
Kinsmen Club of Cornwall Incorporated
Lions Club Of Gloucester Inc
McKellar Structured Settlements
Marny Breithaup Fund at the Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation
Northern Ontario Curling Association
The Tonglen Foundation
Judy Abraham
John Barry
Dorothy Boewe
Doug Bryce
Daniel Carroll
Vincenta Cheng
Penny Clarke-Richardson
Val Cleroux
$250-$499 (continued)
Christopher Collins
David Cooke
Stephen Cordell
Karen Dalton
Todd Denny
Kim Donaldson
Cindy Grant
Trista Greco
Vera Harris
Heather Hollingshead
Helen Honan
Miss Doris Hutchence
Barb Ibbitson
Arthur Joslin
Richard Klosler
Ryan Krook
Dean Mantel
Diana McCauley
Robert McGeachie
Doug & Roberta McMullan
Lynn Mineque
Ed Morin
Jane Murray
Dale Oliver
Michelle Orso
Tara Pain Rowlands
Paul Peer
Shauna Powell
D. Rice
Antony Ruddick
Miss Joanne Sharp
William Simpson
Robert Stapleford
Helen Stauffer
Ronald Sutherland
Anna Szczurko
William Wilson
Barb Zufelt
Barrie Taxi Limited
Canadian Commercial Development Corporation
Cowan Insurance
GEP Impulse B. Inc
Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
Lerners LLP
Lincoln Electric Company Employees Chest Fund
Manotick Kiwanis Bingo
May Court Club of Barrie
Milligan Energy Inc
Pathways Training and eLearning Inc
Royal Canadian Legion – Col Tom Kennedy – Branch 582
Stittsville District Lions Club


Grace M. Budway
Andrew Busch
Filip Cappa
Barbara Carleton
John Carroll
Gerald Cronin
Mario E. Dubé
Willey Duguay
Robert Dunn
Warren Grant
Gary Gunraj
Audrey Hallman
Joan Hunter
Doug Indoe
Carlyle Jorgensen
Allan Joyce
Richard Katz
Jake King
Tehmi Kolah
Malcolm Kunitz
Malcolm Ledson
IN MEMORY OF (continued)
Betty Lofthouse
Hugh Macfadyen
Joseph Maloney
Mary McNair
Susan Monahan
Rheal F. Morel
Marilyn Morris
Charles Nagt
Derek Neal
Lorraine Oosterloo-Groen
Victor L. Palermo
Luigi Patitucci
Miles M. Roberts
W. Kirby Rowe
George Sidorowicz
Todd Cameron Smith
Kevin Spearin
Martha St. Laurent
Jane Evelyn VanSickle
Patricia Warriner
Liev Abraham
William K. Adair
Mark Cliffe
Dawn Dorey
The Hall Family
Gillian Hopkins
Robin Horner
Jim Howie
Mr.& Mrs. A. Ruthven
Jude Smalley
Braydonn Watnick
Jack Westlake
Estate of Marjorie I. Gray
Estate of John Isbister
Estate of Derek Powell

LONG TIME DONORS (# of years donated)

John Gonsalves – 33
Daniel Haas – 33
William Adair – 24
Dorothy Amos – 32
George Beaudry – 32
John Bernard – 25
Osworth Blake – 29
Deanna Carbert – 32
Sylvia Cohen – 24
John Dewit – 31
Eleanor Ellins – 35
Robert Feldgaier – 28
Francis Fernandes – 22
Doug Gilbert – 30
Juergen Hoffmann – 23
Richard Horner – 28
Douglas Humphreys – 25
Robert Jackson – 31
Marcus James – 24
William Kauppinen – 20
Richard Klosler – 23
Ingeborg Koenig – 26
E. Marriage – 24
Dorothy McClelland – 31
Eric McIntyre – 29
Heather McKenzie – 24
Peter Monti – 33
A. June Murdoch – 24
E. Alex Newcombe – 33
Harley Nott – 23
Lloyd Pezze – 28
Mary Phillips – 23
Ella Margaret Potton – 27
Sally Powell – 28
Eleanor Proctor – 22
Ruth Read – 26
Claire Shaw – 20
Ann Sutton – 23
Angeline Tannis – 24
Margaret Whyte – 28
Brian Wilding – 26
Jim Wood – 27


Eileen Adams
Margaret Ainsworth
Amanda Allen
Michael Ashton
Peter Athanasopoulos
Beryl Babb
Michael Bombardier
Paul Britton
Douglas Buchanan
B. Mai Bui
Norine Bulmer
David Campbell
Sandra Carpenter
William Charney
Angela Clair
Val Cleroux
Sharol Cordner
Sheila Daniel
Joseph Dooley
Barbara Farrell
James Feeney
Kathleen Flint
Lynn Francis
Norm Freedman
Jenny Gilker
Carol Graham
Jerome Hanley
Vera Harris
Sarah Hicks
Heather Hollingshead
Stuart Howe
Michelle Hung
Kevin Hunter
Naomi Hunter
Doris Hutchence
Carol Jamieson
Sue Kline
Mary Margaret Koelln
Arie Kojokaro
Rick Lewcock
Janice Ley
Jim MacLachlan
Kathleen Martin-Ginis
Kevin Matthews
Richard McCallum
Diana McCauley
Robert McGeachie
Lynn Mineque
Sally Mongraw
Stacey Moore
Diane Morrell
Robert Morris
Donna Mullings
Rob Murphy
Harley Nott
Mary O’Connell
Fergus O’Connell
Paul Peer
Sally Powell
Basmatee-Eunice Ragobeer
Helen Ramsay
Liam Ready
Douglas Reid
Steven Ross
Arleen Rudakoff
Madelyn Scanlan
Judith Scolnik
Joanne Sharp
Karen Shear
Margaret Smith
Stephen D. Smylie
Jeff Steckley
Donna Stewart
S. Phillip Tingley
Evelyn Towers
Linda Virgo
Shaun Westlake
Whitney Woloshyn
Junjing Yuan
Elizabeth Zarnowiecki
Amanuel Zermariam
Barb Zufelt

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